New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s resolution is to get things organized. In another words, I want to do things with a good preparation. Looking back at my life of 48 years, I had always been pushed by time, and felt many things could be obligation. Why? Because of a lack of long term planning. If I had made a plan on long term, my life may have changed to a better way? I want to look at how I can change my life. This is my resolution for this year.

今年の目標は 上記のとおりです。

長期計画をもってみたら どんな風になるのかなぁ と 思いました。

いつも 目の前のことに追われてしか 時を持ったことがないので。

どんな感じなのでしょうかね? 頭の良い人って 長期計画を持つこと得意ですものね。 長期計画・・・ ううん 老後の計画になっちゃうのかなぁ。